And here I am…


After accidently stumbling onto an inspirational young girl’s blog, I have decided to follow suit and throw all my wise words, thoughts, ideas and adventures into the cyberspace abyss. I am thinking it might prove to be a therapeutic exercise. Maybe I’ll learn something about myself…maybe I might give some other unknown a little bit of inspiration. In secret, I dream to become a World Wide Web famous blogger, whose adventures are so random, comical and outrageous that I end up on TMZ every other week (with the help of some trusty sidekicks of course).  My only other experience in the world of blogging is following sophisticated individuals named Veronique Lanvin who spend their time travelling to Paris, Milan and London for fashion week or seeing exactly how Lauren Conrad is planning for her upcoming nuptials. Hence, I feel my ultimate goal of becoming the toast of the blogger’s universe is a little ambitious, but f**k it…I’m going to give it a hell of a crack.

Stay tuned for my Adventures as Valentine



Ideas, opinions and musings as Valentine